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Life Vision Team

Our therapists and qualified coaches have years of experience helping people. All techniques and methods have been applied and integrated in our qualified and experienced team first. This is essential, so they can coach, support and guide you from the experience individually anticipating your needs and understanding your emotions with a deep empathy. This is the essential reason why we take in 6 guests at a time. To personalise, individualise and give the genuine care they need. We invest with them the synchronized time in order to not only experience but to see, feel and finally integrate the programme and continue with their new life. This is the reason why LIFE VISION retreat programs methodology has a 100% success rate.

Our Team

Cristóbal Izquierdo Curtido

Founder & CEO
Therapist, Life Coach & Social Mediator, specialized in Psychoanalysis, personal growth, character defects & emotion management

Jose Avila

Executive Coordinator. Relationships & Partners
Specialized in awakening awareness comprehension & Holistic event organization.

Lynn Marie Cole

Integrative Therapist and group facilitator.
Specialised in Self awareness, Personal growth and cognitive behavioural therapy

Fernando Gómez Vilariño

International Chef.
Specialized in seasonal food, healthy, vegan, Km0 & fusion combined with flavours from south america, mediterranean and asian cousine.

Jennifer Hopper

Hostess & Guest services
Jennifer is specialized in attending all of our guests' needs and making your stay with us as pleasurable as possible.

German Leon Campos

Host & Guest Services
German is specialized in attending all of our guests needs and making your stay with us as pleasurable as possible.
antonio gomez

Antonio Gomez

Personal Trainer
Technical sport coach in Physical and Sport activities in natural environment. - 4 times Spanish champion. - World champion WKU.

Cristina Moreno

Yoga instructor
Specialized in Yoga & Breath-Work techniques


10 Day Life Vision Program

Have a fully equipped support network in your hands, setting you up for a new lifestyle.
Consistency is the key for a change in life.
The 10 day program requires self discipline and integrity to keep going after the end of the course. This intensive course also gives you the opportunity to go into details that you would like to achieve.
This could either be character defects, awareness or just health and strength in general, giving you everything you need. You will settle in new habits and lifestyle.
Developing higher levels of motivation will take you to obtain more confidence within yourself.
Be at your best performance achieving your goals.
You will be giving yourself time to completely change in the hands of professionals.
Take these 10 days to really change your life, integrate overcoming daily situations, and find happiness and inner peace. Your wellbeing rejuvenates your cells, gifts you with deep relaxation and peaceful sleep.
Your mindfulness and self awareness will give you a total body & mind control, sensing your emotionally balanced.
This harmony is the boost you need to resolve inner conflicts. Get ready to conquer your world.
LIFE VISION is your way to success.

At LifeVision Retreat, we care about you, that is why we comply with all sanitary measures for the prevention of COVID-19


We stand at a crossroads in human development, understanding that the world we have created for ourselves has been driven primarily by competitive self –interest, and our egoistic desires, and has for the most part been completely out of sync with nature, a conflicted world.