10285€ - 18755€

Per Person - Couple

10 Day Life Vision Program

Have a fully equipped support network in your hands, setting you up for a new lifestyle.
Consistency is the key for a change in life.
The 10 day program requires self discipline and integrity to keep going after the end of the course. This intensive course also gives you the opportunity to go into details that you would like to achieve.
This could either be character defects, awareness or just health and strength in general, giving you everything you need. You will settle in new habits and lifestyle.
Developing higher levels of motivation will take you to obtain more confidence within yourself.
Be at your best performance achieving your goals.
You will be giving yourself time to completely change in the hands of professionals.
Take these 10 days to really change your life, integrate overcoming daily situations, and find happiness and inner peace. Your wellbeing rejuvenates your cells, gifts you with deep relaxation and peaceful sleep.
Your mindfulness and self awareness will give you a total body & mind control, sensing your emotionally balanced.
This harmony is the boost you need to resolve inner conflicts. Get ready to conquer your world.
LIFE VISION is your way to success.

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