I have joined a program at the age of 30. I came to a stage in my life where I was not satisfied with what going on around. I could feel and see that Im not pleased with my innerself, I lost a joy of life, my business became a real stress and struggle for me. I couldn’t organise myself and finalise hundreds of things I have been starting. I was about to start new life every other day and when the day had come I just didn’t have excitement to make my dreams happen. One day I was standing on the balcony and just praying to the skies to help me organise my staff and live a life on 100%. And the next day I have discovered the program and I could see that its a sign and I felt like I need to try it. From THAT day you can divide my life to before and after. Program is a magic kick to get you to the best version of yourself, discover your innerself, identify your weak sides and master them, transform your bad habits into healthy ones. Once you start it and integrate it you are on it for the rest of your life. Team is very professional and they back you up from all sides. They work with you 24/7 on all spheres of your life: I have created my personal individual daily schedule which I will advance and use for the rest of my life, explored the nature and experienced how grounding truly feels, beautiful organic food in a combination with breathing, outdoors exercises and yoga transformed my body to a beautiful shape very quick and smooth. My mind is my partner now, Im able to control it and use it in a best way, without being chaotic and stressing my self out. As soon as I organised myself I could see how easy it is to manifest anything I want into my life and working on making my goals achieved. Happiness for me now is a normal state, not a current mood, tools I have received and implemented in life are my best friends. Im very grateful to all the team for making such a huge difference in life for everyone who is in need!
After 42 years I have begun to know myself internally using the techniques in meditation exercises, breathing exercises, yoga daily guidelines, together with the technical team of professionals from Life Vision. They have taught me to enjoy each day of tranquility, to be at peace with myself, to feel my energy. to connect with the universe to increase sensitivity in all senses. Thank you to the entire team of professionals to Life Vision for creating a lifestyle, and for teaching people to know each other and to be able to enjoy life from the purest and not have to live in an internal conflict without knowing what it is. Thank you very much to all the team of Life Vision you will always be in my heart.
I express my gratitude to you and your team for completing the program at your center where I was able to regain my integrity and realize important things! During the stay I realized that I was in a codependentcy emotional relationship that was destroying me. The psychotherapy sessions calmed me down and helped me find a solution to problems, situations, and also helped me control my emotions. The daily workouts filled me with energy. I also continue to participate in meditation practices and breathing techniques. After the course I became stronger and more aware of who I am, now I am enjoying life again. I also express special thanks for the help given to my husband, from drugs and alcohol addiction, which he managed to overcome. After going through the program with him we looked at each other from the outside and realized how we had destroyed our lives and what pain we inflicted on each other. After the course, we started our relationship from scratch and now we are in harmony and love and care for one another. After 4weeks submitted to my personal growth and elevating my inner self awareness program, I can say i have life vision. Thank you Team!!
I joined the one week program in the middle of what was one of the trickiest times of my life. I was going through both a divorce and grief. I was feeling bad about myself and about life in general, having a black cloud surrounding me at any time of the day. Thanks to the program and the implication of every single person taking part in the program, I was able to finally open up about what I was going through. I realized that I was looking at the situation wrong and I started to understand that there was a silver light even in the darkest moments of life. In less than a month following the advice of the coaches and using the numerous tools I learnt during the one week program, I managed to lower my stress level and start thinking about the future with a new found energy and motivation. I am very grateful for this opportunity and for every single person I met during this journey.
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My husband was very unsatisfied with his life. He had an adiction to drug usage. Nothing was good for him. He really wanted to change in many aspects of himself. His addiction led him to lose his family, his company, friends and everything around him. It was horrifying to see a person destroy himself like that. One day by chance I met this programme and honestly it saved his life but Not only him, but the entire family that was destroyed and could finally be the one from before. From day 1 we noticed the change. He had a desire to heal that we had never seen before. He was happy and totally convinced that this was the final one. The program of this center was completely different from the others. There was a very strong union and a peace that we had never felt before comming from the team. Not only did it heal him, but it made him open his eyes to the little things, to not give importance to what does not matter. It made him love himself, to believe in himself. It made him want to triumph in life, to leave everything bad behind. To change everything, the character defects and to be a better person. Today we are a finally a happy family, without worries, with plans for the future. Our children now enjoy their father, they noticed that something was happening and now they are calmer knowing that daddy will always be there. Now he cares about his duties, they play with him and he wants to be with them always. I, his wife live in peace. I wake up every day wanting to live things together, to spend the day smiling, with my children and with my husband who is finally HIM. The man who is worth a lot, who gives me love every day, who tells me how much he loves me every day, how happy he is that the hell that had him trapped in his own body and mind finally ended and finally enjoyed with his family without bad thoughts. This program is the best thing that has happened in our family, and I will be grateful for life for all that they have done for us, without a doubt ... it saved our lives. Thanks !!


10 Day Life Vision Program

Have a fully equipped support network in your hands, setting you up for a new lifestyle.
Consistency is the key for a change in life.
The 10 day program requires self discipline and integrity to keep going after the end of the course. This intensive course also gives you the opportunity to go into details that you would like to achieve.
This could either be character defects, awareness or just health and strength in general, giving you everything you need. You will settle in new habits and lifestyle.
Developing higher levels of motivation will take you to obtain more confidence within yourself.
Be at your best performance achieving your goals.
You will be giving yourself time to completely change in the hands of professionals.
Take these 10 days to really change your life, integrate overcoming daily situations, and find happiness and inner peace. Your wellbeing rejuvenates your cells, gifts you with deep relaxation and peaceful sleep.
Your mindfulness and self awareness will give you a total body & mind control, sensing your emotionally balanced.
This harmony is the boost you need to resolve inner conflicts. Get ready to conquer your world.
LIFE VISION is your way to success.


At LifeVision Retreat, we care about you, that is why we comply with all sanitary measures for the prevention of COVID-19